Case Study

Employee Management System

A web-based employee management application that facilitates managers and supervisors in scheduling people based on operational demands.



The client demanded a simple-to-use system to store the personal staff data and track availability, as well as list people on a per-day basis. It should specify staff’ schedules, days off, presence or absence, and its reasons, manage their training and courses. The client needed a management system that would give the supervisor/manager a tool to manage shifts, vacations, or holidays and allow employees to request a day off and simplify the payroll process.



Our Software development team undertook the challenge and elaborated on an employee management system to meet the clients’ needs. The profound knowledge of frontend and backend as well as Agile technology, helped develop an app with the requested functionality. The employee management system provides a possibility to add a new staff member and manage employees’ data that include contact details, job information (such as department, position, etc.), education, and skills. The employees’ part of the management app consists of three sections: personal information; personal files, documents, records; competences, and training plan.

Our Software specialists also added a time-off scheduler to the employee management system It was designed to give users the ability to send a request, for instance, for a day off, so that the supervisor could then either approve or decline the request. After confirmation, the system sends a confirmation email to the requesting user.

The created employee management system also shows the current status of a user and the time-off history log. The supervisor can see the statuses of all staff in all departments.

The built-in payroll system allows employee management system to use this data (including overtime and bonuses) to calculate salaries. The absence management system allows using employee management system for marking certain employees as absent as soon as a manager receives a notification. The system can automatically calculate contractual and statutory sick pay, record all required information (a type of absence, short or long term, etc.), and generate reports containing weekly/monthly/yearly absence summaries and attendance charts.