Case Study

E-Commerce Platform for Mobile & Web

An e-commerce platform software that enables the commercial process of buying and selling over the internet. Integrated search feature that lets customers find a specific product, a cart feature that lets them manage their order, and a payment feature.



Our client asked us to develop an online shopping platform from scratch for mobile & web to replace the obsolete solution. The solution should provide admin user with a set of features to add new products in the online platform, manually integration of payment gateway, different shipping methods for different countries, monitor the number and state of all current orders, improve customer satisfaction, and receive timely information on essential sales metrics.





This module will provide options for managing catalogsuch as creating simple products, ad product variant, Atribute sets. Search results, rewrites and redirects, search terms and tag products.



The option wherein the client can manage customer acount and groups has been developed.



Our excellent team of developers and UI/UX designers have created for web & mobile an online solution that provides customers to find the needed products, users can navigate through specific categories and apply filters narrowing the list of displayed items such as sort by popularity, sort by average rating, sort by latest, price range, average rating and many others.

Admin have access to an account that provides advanced opportunities for managing sales. The system allows adding a new product to the category, set a price, and add a description and photos using an intuitive user interface.

Admin have a dashboard to shows all current orders sorted according to their status (processing, cancelled, completed, on-hold, pending payment) helps to control the number of goods in stock, and enables customers’ order processing. This tool allow monitoring the status of a specific order from the moment the application is placed on the platform until the subsequent delivery to the consumer and receipt of feedback.

To expand the number of potential users, we took into account the ever-increasing number of mobile users and asked our developers to build a cross-platform mobile application as well. Thanks to the React Native possibilities, we delivered an app that works flawlessly on smartphones and tablets and allows users to shop on the go if needed.