Case Study

E-Learning Platform for Students

A comprehensive learning platform that keeps track of students’ progress and creates a wellintegrated overview that can document the requirements defined in accordance with goals and objectives.



Modern educational institutions aim to provide students with the possibility to learn and conduct an assessment of knowledge online. Such approach significantly increases the accessibility of education. Nowadays, students can use web-based educational platforms to participate in learning courses without leaving their homes. Nevertheless, the absence of live tutors may become a drawback in some cases. Technological implementation of teacher-student interactions is one of the primary tasks in the online education sector.

Our development team was asked to create a web-based eLearning solution for education and assessment that would allow students to choose a particular course to learn and evaluate the received knowledge. The knowledge assessment system should provide an easy-to-use and efficient tool for monitoring student progress. Another required feature was the possibility to take online tests and get advice on further education according to the results.



Our developers have created an intuitive and easy-to-use online educational and assessment platform for students and teachers. After a student has registered in the system, he can choose one of the available courses. The personal dashboard with knowledge evaluation feature allows monitoring the progress in studying each course. It shows the statistics representing the current level of knowledge in a particular subject. It also designed to provide school managements and administrations with effective insights and overviews: the relationship between curriculum objectives, course objectives and evaluations features as a basic structure.

The platform was developed in close collaboration with education-sector professionals. In brief, the platform is:

The developers added features typical for any video conferencing app, such as fast connection/disconnection with a video group, text messaging, notification icons and a search bar for search meetings. User settings were added to enable users to adapt the video conferencing app settings to their needs.

The most up-to-date system currently available, built to comply with all current requirements. Smart, intuitive functionality featuring an attractive design that improves usability. Optimizes use of existing systems, with easy integration – provides an effective overview and saves time for users. Developed in collaboration with education-sector professionals with a thorough knowledge of teaching practice.